Introducing the Prodigals EP - Part 1 of an Acoustic Reimagining of Prodigals & Thieves

Just over a year ago, I released the largest project I have ever taken on, my full-length album Prodigals & Thieves. This record spans almost 4 years of my life, from the time I wrote the first line of "Not Ready" until the day it was released into the world. A year after it's release I am still incredibly proud of these songs and enjoy every opportunity I have to play them live. 

I got the recording bug a few months ago, and thought it would be fun to take the first five songs from Prodigals & Thieves and re-shape them, to see what else might be there that I haven't tapped into before. So I holed myself up in my home studio and recorded these re-imaginings. Many of them go back to the earliest versions of these songs, just me and a guitar. And some are radically different. 

Jameson Elder