Hey guys, Jameson here. Thanks for checking out my music! Prodigals & Thieves is my first full length record. It's the biggest project I've ever taken on, and it feels so good to finally share it. This record feels like a sort of arrival for me. Lyrically, I feel like I’m finally saying all the things I’ve tried to say since I started writing songs, and musically, it’s the sound I’ve been reaching for since the first time I heard a copy of Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits that my guitar teacher lent me. Prodigals & Thieves is an album about the lost finding their way home, a topic that I tend to drift to quite often. Whether it’s mistakes, relationships, or just growing up, I think we’ve all been at a point where we look back and wonder how we got where we are, and then we have a choice, to make a course correction or keep going the wrong direction. This is an album that chronicles that experience.


“Jameson Elder taught me more about songwriting in thirty minutes than I’ve heard in a long time... His songs sound immediately familiar and yet are unmistakably original. ” -NY Minute Magazine

Nashville - TN