Jameson Elder learned to record out of a desire to record his own music. While attending Belmont University for Music Business and Audio Engineering, Jameson began working at The Smoakstack, a studio owned and operated by Nashville producer Paul Moak (The Weeks, Caitlyn Smith, Matthew Mayfield). Jameson spent a year at the Smoakstack learning from one of the most talented and creative indie producers around, surrounded by great gear. From there, Jameson went on to learn from other producers in the Nashville area including Andrew Osenga and Cason Cooley. From 2011 to 2016, Jameson self and co-produced 2 EPs and a full length album of his own and produced/co-produced an EP and several singles for his now-wife, Hanna Rae.


As a producer Jameson believes that the song is the foundation of creating a great recording. Each song has its own voice and it is the role of the producer to aid in guiding the artist towards discovering that voice. Jameson does this by working with the artist on the song with a single instrument and a voice to ensure that the arrangement of the song is as compelling as possible. During the recording process, Jameson’s primary focus is in the vocal performance, understanding that the vocal is the center of the recorded song. There is no one way to get a great vocal performance, but Jameson’s singing background allows him to be an effective coach to get that performance (addressing breathing and singing techniques as well as the mental and emotional state of the performer). Jameson’s chief skill in production is his ear for blending melody and texture, creating compelling moods and conveying the lyrical emotion through the music.