Stand with Bandcamp in Support of Immigrants/Basic Human Values

Like 98% of Americans, I am the son of immigrants. My ancestors immigrated from Scotland only a few generations back. I believe in the value of human live and in treating all human beings with dignity regardless of race, class, or country of origin. 

Last week, announced that they would be donating their cut of sales to the ACLU. I have been a bandcamp user for many years and am proud to join them.

So This Friday, any and all proceeds from my music and merch on Bandcamp will be donated to the ACLU. 

You can read the full statement from Bandcamp here

Listen for Jameson's song "Not Ready" on ABC's Nashville

Listen for Jameson's song "Not Ready" on ABC's Nashville

Or at least my song will... If you're a fan of ABC's Nashville, listen closely for my song "Not Ready" to play during Wednesday night's episode! If you're not a fan of Nashville, and just think it would be cool to hear me on TV (thank you!), then you can tune in on ABC at 9/10c.